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We offer classes for dogs and handlers of all ages and skill levels. Our trainers are trained and certified. All use positive motivational techniques based on animal behavioral research and best practices.

Begin with a Beginner agility class. Then advance to a Novice class. If you are already competing in agility, enroll in one of our advanced classes for dogs competing at the open or excellent level. If you prefer team sports, try a class in fly ball (a four dog team relay event).

We offer daytime Beginner II, Novice, Open and Advanced classes Wednesdays and Thursdays. There are no Beginner I daytime classes. Please feel welcome to contact us about the daytime schedule; we will be glad to answer your questions and enroll you in a class.

All of our classes meet once a week for 8 weeks/classes and cost $96.00. Classes start new sessions every 8 weeks so call 317-781-7782 to find out when a class will start a new 8-week session. We limit the number of student/dog teams in our classes so we ask everyone to pre-enroll. To secure a place in a class, we need a competed enrollment form and a check for the full cost of the 8-week session. When we receive these items we will confirm your enrollment via e-mail. 

We offer a variety of obedience training classes, puppy classes for dogs younger than 9 months, basic obedience for all dogs whose owners want well mannered dogs, competition obedience classes for those wanting to compete and Rally Obedience classes again for those wanting to compete in AKC Rally Obedience trials. Please refer to the obedience training center pages of his web site for additional information, class schedule and enrollment forms.

  • Over 6 months
  • All vaccinations
  • Vet certification as able to participate in agility. Be sure to talk with your vet to make sure your dog is physically fit for strenuous athletic activity.

Prerequisites: Basic obedience skills and class or these skills and the ability to focus on his/her handler and follow basic commands with other dogs nearby. These are the fundamentals in developing a strong working relationship with your dog.  

This class is designed for those new to dog training and to agility and for those who are unsure if their dog will succeed at/enjoy this dog sport. We suggest you begin with Pre-Agility even if this is not your first agility dog.

This class is NOT a substitute for basic obedience. We urge you to take a basic obedience or puppy training class before joining PreAgility. We assume your dog already knows the basics, can pay attention and follow your commands even with other dogs nearby. A strong working relationship between the handler and his/her dog is essential to learn and enjoy Agility.

This class lasts 16 weeks with two sequential 8-week sections. The first 8 weeks you will spend learning foundation skills for agility--body awareness, moving and stationary attention work, ground work, shadow handling, jumping skills, basic handling maneuvers, cuing techniques and sequencing, an introduction to tunnels and the pause table and preparatory exercises for the A-frame, dog walk and teeter.

The second 8 weeks will include perfecting, expanding, and working these and additional skills and exercises to improve the skills needed for success in Beginner I Agility classes. Contact obstacles will be introduced while handling, jumping and sequencing skills are further developed.

Pre-Agility classes will meet Wednesday evenings at 6:00 and 7:30 pm and if needed at 6:00 pm on Monday. The Wednesday classes will alternate starting a new first part approximately every 8 weeks throughout the year. PreAgility classes alternate so that there is a new PreAgility 1 and PreAgility 2 class every 8 weeks one at 6:00 and the other at 7:30. Then the following 8 weeks these classes will switch times, i.e. PreAgility 2 at 6:00 and PreAgility 1 at 7:30 then the following 8 weeks PreAgility 1 will meet at 6:00 and PreAgility 2 at 7:30. 

This class meets at our obedience training center at 575 Main Street in down town Beech Grove. Please visit the Facility section in the Obedience Training section of this web site for directions.

  Beginner I Agility
  • Over 6 months
  • All vaccinations
  • Vet certification as able to participate in agility. Be sure to talk with your vet to make sure your dog is physically fit for strenuous athletic activity.

The "training" requirements for enrollment for Beginner I classes include all of the skills learned in Pre-Agility. This class will be easier and more enjoyable if your dog will stay with you when working off leash and can work with you with distractions. We also find that dogs do better if they have already developed a working relationship with their handler. If you do not as yet have these skills, we encourage you to take our Pre-Agility class. We also suggest you begin with Pre-Agility, if you have not already trained a dog for a competitive dog sport.

  Beginner II Agility
  • Dog is confident and competent on dog walk, A-frame, tunnels and jumps.
  • Dog has been introduced to teeter and weave poles

You and your dog will continue to develop basic agility skills. Dogs will expand their speed and skills on contact obstacles, tunnels, weaves and jumps. Dogs will learn to negotiate a sequence of 10 – 15 jumps/obstacles.

  Novice Agility

Dogs must be competent and confident on all contact obstacles, weaves and jumps and be ready to compete or have these requisite skills.

Dogs and handlers will continue to improve their agility skills and speed. Dogs will learn to negotiate a novice/open/advanced competition length course.

  Open/Advanced Agility

Dogs must be competing at open/advanced/level 4 level or have the skills to
compete at these levels.

Dogs and handlers will perfect and expand their skills.

  Advanced Agility

Dogs must be competing at the excellent/masters/elite/level 5 level or have the skills to complete at these levels.

Dogs and handlers will perfect and expand their speed and skills shaving seconds off time, choosing the most effective handling maneuvers and line.

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